What the eff is going on here?!

Eva Dwyer, one of my best friends in the world, is going trekking with her father in Nepal for 8 weeks. Freshly 10 years old and never having been out of the States, she is going on a journey that would terrify most. As if taking a quarter off from school to go walk around the wilderness is a foreign country isn’t amazing enough, Eva will be almost completely out of contact with the outside world for the entire trip! That’s where I come in. I am going to keep track of what happens to me at Notre Dame, to her family in Sonoma, and her friends/sister at UC Davis and to the world in general. For a girl who wants to travel a lot in her lifetime, this is a great start. Hopefully when she gets back she won’t be too cool and wordly for the rest of us.


One response to “What the eff is going on here?!

  1. thinkingoutrageously

    Hey N8, last I checked, I was 20, not 10. Anyway I love this blog and you’re so funny and nice and rule

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