Day Fourtyfive: 27 November 2009

Today it snowed realy for the first time (enough volume/low enough temperature to stick). It was still in Ohio, and it was only a dusting, but it was snow. On one hand, the snow if fun and beautiful, but on the other hand it means the end of outdoor bicycling and months of cold. Other than see the snow, I got a tour of the underwhelming city of Cleveland (although we did go to an enormous indoor farmer’s market that was amazing). We came back and hung out for the rest of the day, watched movies, and some of Sam and Chris’ home friends came over.

In the news, Tiger Woods crashed his car (he only got a few bumps and scratches) and it was black Friday, I didn’t hear about too many stampedes/tramplings to death.

Return of Stumble!

Cool Ice Cubes

Snow Leopard

Also, I think you would like (and may already be familiar with) CakeWrecks.


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