Day Fourtytwo: 24 November 2009

So I am actually writing this entry in Word and I am going to post it online tomorrow, because I am in the basement of the wonderful Tulisiak Family and I don’t know the password for their wireless internet. Other than that, I have really been enjoying myself here. The car ride kinda sucked, cause Sam and Steph (of the girlpack) played Disney movie music the whole time… 3 hours. Turrible. We got here late, so we didn’t do much, but their house is amazing despite being in the incredibly boring state of Ohio. So flat. Overall, I think I am going to have a really fun time here. So since I don’t have access to the news either, here are some things I do know:

Albert Pujols won the NL MVP.

That is all, clearly blogging for you is the only thing that keeps me informed on newsworthy events.

Sorry this post sucks, they will be better when I have internet again tomorrow.


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