Day Fourty: 22 November 2009

Today I made mt presentation, which is my last assignment before Thanksgiving break! Also, Anna told me about a bad bike crash she got in. It sounded quite…Dwyer. Thirdly, I wrapped the door to my room up like a present with Spongebob wrapping paper, a big bow and a ‘To: Nate and Tully From: Santa’ tag. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on our room so far.

NEways, A Barbie with a burka is sparking outrage.

Moderate Senate Democrats threatened stop health care legislation if their demands aren’t met, while more liberal members warned their party leaders not to bend.

Michael Jackson was made history by winning four American Music Awards on but he couldn’t beat Taylor Swift as the year’s favorite artist and the top winner overall.

Iran began large scale air defense war games aimed at protecting their nuclear facilities from attack, as an air force commander said that the country could deter any military strike by Israel.


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