Day Thirtytwo: 14 November 2009

It’s another late night, so I probably won’t have much to say. Maybe you’ll get a super-fun Sunday night post to make up for recent lame-ness.

Speaking of lameness, your beloved sister 1. does not respond or even acknowledge facebook videos I leave her and 2. is not watching the new episodes of the office. Clearly a christmas office catch-up marathon is in order.

Today, Bruce Springsteen accidentally referred to his crowd as being in Ohio (as in greeting them ‘Hello, Ohio!’) when he was actually in Michigan. The poor Boss must be getting old. 60 is a tough age for a rock star.

The White House may be looking to purchase a near-empty prison in the very rural northwestern Illinois to transfer inmates from Guantanamo bay, as well as other federal prisoners.

While in a trip to several Asian nations, President Barack Obama and other world leaders agreed that the highly touted climate change summit coming up in December will merely be a way station, and not the once hoped-for end point, in the search for a worldwide global warming treaty.


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