Day Twentyseven: 9 November 2009

It was warm again today, so I got in another grood bike ride. I should be in great shape by Christmas, just in time to get fat and slow again over the winter. Today Maggie wrote on my facebook wall about the time when the three of us split a package of humus and carrots, but that she did it by herself today. Also, I realized that you will be missing, in addition to many episodes of the office, the new twilight movie that all the girls seem to be talking about these days. I’m sure you are super-bummed about it.

Speaking of teenage girls and twilight, today I facebook pranked Tully. I changes his profile picture to some yearbook picture of a pre-teen type girl,changed his birthday so it said he was 12, changed his interest to things about Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Edward Cullen, Zac Efron etc. I changed his status to something with lots of exclamation marks, winky faces and hearts about how excited he was about the new twilight movie, changed his sex to female and changed his ‘about me’ to something about how he wished he could marry every boy on the Disney channel. He was totally crushing! Everyone thought it was hilarious. He wasn’t even mad, it was so clever and well carried out. I’m quite proud.

Lastly, there are a new 4-gregs short and new TGS/4 gregs short on homestar. Here they are:


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