Day Twentytwo: 4 November 2009

The Sharks won their 6th straight game tonight, I’m very happy. The Yankees won the World Series as well. Nothing much exciting happened to me.

Gay marriage was banned in Maine, and leaders in the Gay Rights community partially blamed President Obama for his lack of engagement, putting more pressure on him as the leader of the Democratic party after other election defeats in the last 2 days.

The sundance film festival is planning on screening some films in various locations around the US during the annual festival next January in addition to the regularly scheduled shows.

John  Gotti’s mother unleashed a profanity ridden tirade after a judge dismissed two jurors at her son’s racketeering trial, saying he was being cheated of a fair trial as his father had been.

Sources claim that the AARP will back the house healthcare bill.

Police have now recovered 11 bodies from the home of Anthony Sowell, in the living room, crawl spaces and backyard graves. There was even a skull in the basement.

Here’s a funny article about fixies (and their hipsters) a friend emailed to be:


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