Day Twentyone: 3 November 2009

Nothing much happened today at Notre Dame, except that I got a compliment on how my bracelet matched my cycling uniform and posted a video on Anna’s wall about it.

Independents who helped push Obama to victory last November turned to Republican Gubernatorial candidates as the GOP swept elections in Virginia (the winner is a Notre Dame alum) and New Jersey, signalling a loss of support for the Democratic party during the first year of the Obama administration.

A man in Colorado stabbed himself and then reported he had been assaulted in an attempt to get out of work.

So a few days ago a serial killer was discovered, so now I’ll give you the story cause you have an interest in serial killer and all the details are starting to emerge. In Cleveland, Ohio, Anthony Sowell, a registered sex offender who lives in the home where bodies have been discovered, was charged with five counts of aggravated murder, as well as rape, felonious assault and kidnapping. Police discovered the bodies of six women Thursday and Friday after a woman reported being raped at Sowell’s home. All six were black, and five were strangled. Authorities did not provide the genders or races of the bodies found Tuesday. The bodies found today were in abandoned houses surrounding his property, where neighbors had been complaining about terrible smells for YEARS.

And while writing this I’ve been watching the episode of ‘The Office’ where Holly replaces Toby and she thinks Kevin is retarded, which I find painful and hilarious at the same time.


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