Day Nineteen: 1 November 2009

Now that it’s November, I’m getting ready for the Christmas season! We are planning on decorating out room in the following ways: real (but smallish) tree, door covered in wrapping paper, a bow and a tag (To: Nate and Tully. From: Santa Clause). Lots of lights, and hundreds of paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling so it looks like it’s snowing inside.

Also, here’s a picture of Alex and I in our Halloween Costumes:


Here’s Anna as Deb:


We had a grood thyme.

So anyways the Yankees won game 4 of the world series to take the 3-1 lead over the Phillies. CIT group DECLARED BANKRUPTCY and is adding to some market worries as the holiday retail season approaches quickly. Incumbent Afghan presidential candidate Hamid Karzai effectively gained his second term when his main competitor dropped out of the race, fueling doubts over the ability of the Afghan government to establish itself as a legitimate state and ally for the US in the Middle-East. Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” earned $101 million worldwide in its first five days, and distributor Sony is planning to extend the f film beyond its planned two-week run.


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