Day Eighteen: 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween! I wonder if you are at al aware of the holiday? I know they don’t celebrate it, but maybe you had a candy bar in honor of the holiday, despite coming form a family that isn’t very big on it. Anna told me that she is going as the Deb to one of her roomates’ Napoleon Dynamite. I’m exited to see pictures of that. Alex and I were very successful Chippendales dancers.

Also, it is daylight savings, so while I fell like it is 4 in the morning, it is really only 3. Extra hour of sleep, sweet.

Quick news, the Yankees took a 2-1 lead in the WS today. Notre Dame won over Washington State (see ya Shannon). The State Department is reporting that Israel is making unprecedented concessions on the West Bank conflict. Also, 2 days ago a USMC helicopter and a Coast Guard plane crashed off the coast of California. Searches are ongoing. I thought it was too depressing to include earlier, but now I’ve decided to be more objective in posting the news.

OK, it is late. Laterrrrr.


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