Day Sixteen: 29 October 2009

You insulted me today! I haven’t been so happy in a while. And, your blog rulez FYI. Today, I tried to talk to Maggie but she was spotty like she can be. Also, U2 is playing in Oakland next summer, and I think I will go with Niko. In ND news, today there was a student gov. sponsored Halloween dance. I went with some of the boygang, although I dressed as  ninja because I don’t want to go out as a stripper 3 nights in a row. And yes, I did just happen to have a ninja costume in the room.

The house democrats finally unveiled their full healthcare plan. The Yankees tied up the world series 1-1. Dennis Hopper has prostate cancer. The Bay Bridge will hopefully re-open tomorrow. Hilary Clinton is planning a trip to Abu Dhabi to meet with Palestinian President Abbas in order to re-start peace talks with Israel. And cause it is late and I’m tired, thats all for now.


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