Day Fourteen: 27 October 2009

I’ve decided that one thing I am excited about is for you and I to compare our respective Italian and Nepali skillz when we rejoin in December. While I will have had more thyme, you will have been fully immersed. I suspect that my writing skillz will be better, but your speaking skillz will be better.

I decided that the news today was too depressing and/or unimportant, so I’m skipping it.

In Nate-news, today I was feeling sore after practice, so I decided NOT to stretch cause I haven’t felt a grood soreness in a while, and I thought of you and your love of soreness and pain in general.

Also, some of the girlpack who live in Ohio have invited me to their town for Thanksgiving. Assuming that I will likely marry one of them, think of how many steps I have to fit in between now and then? We need to date, become boyfriend and girlfriend, and possibly fall in love before I meet their respective families. That is too much to ask before Thanksgiving! I’m in big trouble.


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