Day Thirteen: 26 October 2009

So today for no reason I checked your blog, and I was shocked to see several updates from Nepal! I was glad to see you having fun, upset about your illness, concerned for how skinny you are going to be when you get back, picturing breaking your frail body with a big powerful hug when you return, and embarrassed at how lame my blog entries look compared to yours form Nepal.

What do you even care about the news? Everything that you are doing is so much cooler! (Except for the horrible illness part).As far as things you don’t care about go, the Senate healthcare bill will include a public option, the pilots who missed their destination admitted to be doing work scheduling flights and crews on their laptops thus getting distracted, and Roberto Castro’s sister admitted to secretly helping the CIA against her brother.

In related Nate-news, I have realized that one simply doesnt graduate from school and become a politician, and that I need a career first before I can run for elected office. After a great deal of research and deliberation I have today decided to work towards one day being an agent for the CIA. Not necessarily a James Bond type secret agent, but a real modern day intelligence officer. I still might go into the military or go to law school first. Im sure you are yacking all over the place while reading about my plans.


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