Day Twelve: 25 October 2009

Since I didn’t really do school work while on break, I spent most of today on it. That and the Boygang and I played some football.

One thing I’ve found very hard about you being gone is not being able to stumble to you. So today here are some things that I would have stumbled:

Very cool commercial (they actually sent all those texts!)

Animals, and a UC Davis reference.

In news Andrew Lloyd Weber was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. The disease is in it’s early stages and he is undergoing treatment and expects to make a full recovery. He is currently working on a sequel to his “Phantom of The Opera”.

Two suicide car bombings went off in Baghdad killing at least 147 people in the country’s deadliest attack in more than two years. The bombs targeted two government buildings and called into question Iraq’s ability to protect its people as U.S. forces withdraw.

A group of UN inspectors visited the once-secret Iranian uranium enrichment facility/ military bunker. No preliminary results will be issued, and only the full report will go public after the inspectors leave the country.


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