Day Ten: 23 October 2009

Most of my day was spent traveling. It always way worse when I travel east because I lose 3 hours in the process. I did meet a nice girl on the bus, but we aren’t getting married so don’t worry. For some reason in the previous sentence I had a lot of trouble spelling the word ‘meet’. First ‘mead’, then ‘mean’, then ‘meat’ and finally ‘meet’. Whack.

News form today: Swine Flu deaths in the US topped 1,000 today. Also, the 100th bank failed on the year. Are these figures perhaps connected? I highly doubt it.

A Northwest Airlines jet somehow missed its Minneapolis destination, ans had to be found by military aircraft 150 miles past where they were supposed to land. Federal investigators are stumped as to how the 144 passenger plane got so far off track. The pilots claimed that they were having a heated argument about airline policy, but it is suspected that they fell asleep. They also both passed breathalyzer tests.

Home sales are up 9.4%, ahead of predictions. The House healthcare bill is now going to cost over $1 trillion over a decade, over the Obama administration’s estimates.

Here’s a great horned own fledgling:


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