Day Six: 19 October 2009

First full day in Sonoma, and I didn’t really do much. Im having Halloween reservations about Chippendales now. I want to be Peter Pan and have Tully be Tinkerbell, but I don’t think he will. I visited Niko’s family today, and they are doing well. They also reported that Anna, Niko and Daryn are doing well from what they have heard. Also in the Sonoma front, Carmen and I are having a blast together, I wish she could come to school with me!

Some nooowz: 

A new US policy loosening guidelines on prosecution of medical marijuana signaled to users that they had less to fear from federal agents but still left their suppliers to contend with a tangled mesh of state laws. The Justice Dept. told federal prosecutors that going after people who use or provide medical marijuana in strict compliance with state laws was not a good use of their time.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is expected to concede that he fell short of the 50 percent of votes that he needed to win outright, but it was unclear if that would lead quickly to a runoff election with his nearest challenger. Karzai could opt to embrace a runoff or he could attempt to negotiate a power-sharing arrangement with former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah who finished second.

Iran vowed retaliation Monday after accusing Pakistan, the U.S. and Britain of aiding Sunni militants who stunned the Islamic regime with a suicide bombing that killed top Revolutionary Guard commanders and dozens of others.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that the Obama administration needs to decide on a war strategy for Afghanistan without waiting for a government there to be widely accepted as legitimate. His comments put him at odds with White House and NATO officials who are opposed to ordering more troops and other resources to Afghanistan until the election crisis there is resolved.

What a bunch of bummers? Tomorrow will be happier I promise.


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