Day Five: 18 October 2009

I really want to complain about my crappy day of travel, but you had to fly to freakin’ Nepal, so I won’t.

Sonoma News: Carmen, Mary’s, my family and my house are all as good as I remember. Tomorrow I’ll check on more things and report back. The weather is nice too, I hope you aren’t freezing your skinny butt off in the mountains!

Nation/World/Weird Celebrity news: Turns out that the balloon boy thing is believed to be a hoax. Apparently the family of the kid are amateur storm-chasers, and have been unsuccessfully pitching a reality show about their lives. While being interviewed the boy hinted that his Dad asked him to hide in the attic as part of a publicity stunt. Charges are expected to be filed soon.

A suicide bombing by the Iranian Sunni rebel group the Jundallah (soldiers of God)  killed five senior commanders of the powerful Revolutionary Guard and at least 37 others Sunday near the Pakistani border in the heartland of a potentially escalating Sunni insurgency. The attack was the most high-profile strike against security forces in an outlaw region of armed tribal groups, drug smugglers and Sunni rebels. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promised sharp retaliation.

On a lighter note, a pile of hair believed to have been trimmed from Elvis Presley’s head when he joined the Army sold for $15,000 at an auction in Chicago.


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