Day Two: 15 October 2009

When I got up this morning, it was freaking snowing. It wasn’t cold enough to stick, but still…

Today’s big news was that a 6-year old boy was believed to have climbed into a hot air balloon and took off in it on accident. His brother saw him get into the basket, but when the balloon came down, the boy wasn’t in it. They are currently searching the area, and the balloon’s flight path. They found him hiding in his attic, where he had been the whole time.

Scientists in Washington grew heart tissue from mouse stem cells which had the ability to beat, a key step in progressing towards treatments for heart-attack victims with damaged hearts.

President Obama made his first official trip to New Orleans and promised an increased effort in helping the many people who are still suffering from damage and loss due to hurricane Katrina.

Islamist militants attacked police stations, the latest in a string of attacks by insurgents attempting to bring the war to Pakistan’s cities ahead of an expected offensive against their Afghan border.  The violence appears to be an attempt by the Taliban and al-Qaeda insurgents to seize the initiative from the army and deliver a warning to the U.S.-backed Pakistani government.


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