Day One: 14 October 2009

We stumbled/facebook chatted for the last time for 8 weeks! So sad, but, you are embarking on an amazing trek of which I am extremely jealous.

Anna had a funny Eva-related status today, it was “Koreva, Kathmandeva, Bankokeva, World TravelEVA”. I even liked it.

The boygang is considering being Chippendale dancers for Halloween. I approve because I love that video of Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley auditioning on SNL.

In the news: Healthcare was debated, with keeping a Public insurance option as the prime topic of conversation.

A painting that was previously thought to be German in origin is now believed to be a long-lost Leonardo da Vinci because some forensic scientists found his finger/palm prints on it. It was bought for $19,000, and if it is a da Vinci, it would be worth roughly $150 million.

The Dow-Jones closed today at over 10,000 points for the first time in over a year at 10,015.86. The mark signals a 53% comeback for the Dow since March when stocks were at their lowest levels in more than a decade.


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