Day Fiftynine: 11 December 2009

Last day! As I write you are in the airport waiting for your ride back to the States. I can’t believe your journey is almost done, and I wish that I could be there to welcome you back. Fortunately I won’t be far behind! I can’t wait to see you and your family again and hear all about your trip over Christmas break, especially since I am in dire need of Dwyer-woman advising (which is well known to be the best type of advice). I also am hoping that your Welsh boygang comes to visit! They sound cool, and a god mix up for boring ol’ Sonoma.

For me, I did a lot of studying, writing, lounging, and hung out with Sam a bit. Just getting ready for my finals, then home again!


Day Fiftyeight: 10 December 2009

For you, today was your last day in Nepal! I was so glad to hear from you, and I really hope you are able to go back to Thailand soon because it sounded like you really enjoyed your brief stay there. Coming form Sonoma, you probably dislike tourists (and also acting touristy yourself) as much as I do, so I am happy to hear that you seem to be doing things in a more native, unguided untourist way. I am so excited for you to be home, and I think I should have a skype video chat with the entire reunited Dwyer Family.

So today was my last official day of class. I have 3 finals and 2 papers to do, and then I will be done with the first half of my sophomore year, which is a crazy thought. But for now, it is very late and I’m tired, and I have to get up relatively early to go to a review session for Political Theory, so I’m off to bed.

Day Fiftyseven: 9 December 2009

Today was the first of my 2 last days of classes, since I have different classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So no more Political Theory or Global Political Economy! We had the final in GPE today and it was extremely easy, just like everything else in that class. Tomorrow is my last day total, and I have sociology, Italian and Freedom of Religion. Then it’s a little partying and tons of studying! But for now, I need my sleep.

Day Fiftysix: 8 December 2009

I feel bad today cause I gave you my information for gMail, then I went on and waited for you to talk to me, and I failed to notice the little bar where you were requesting to chat me. FAIL! I suck, I’m a loser.

Anyways, today Tully and Sam and I watched Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Grinch (good animated one), and then turned on the fireplace DVD and played with nerf guns. It snowed pretty heavily, and I just got back from snowball fighting out on the quad. Today I did a swimming workout, and it was very tough. Luckily, I was able to reward myself with the Dining Hall Christmas diner, which was delicious, complete with chocolate fondue fountains (and brownies, strawberries, doughnut holes etc.)

Most of the news is about Tiger Woods’ various scandals, and I am disinterested. But…

Some cool animals.

A Cartoon.

Brian Martinelli-esque sculptures.

Day Fiftyfive: 7 December 2009

I just accidentally typed ‘September’ into the month, weird. Today Anna and I talked for a while about various things, catching up and talking about break, and how freakin cold it seems to be in California. Also, you and I chatted briefly, but i think you had a crappy connection and then you had to go. Other than that, we filmed the last of the girlpack cooking shows, and I worked out and did some homework etc. The usual.

Big news: The Obama administration took a major step toward imposing the first federal limits on climate-changing pollution from cars, power plants and factories, declaring there was compelling scientific evidence that global warming from manmade greenhouse gases endangers Americans’ health.

Admiral Mike Mullen soldiers and Marines on that the insurgency in Afghanistan has grown in the last three years and he expects casualties to rise next year as additional U.S. troops pour into the war.

Tens of thousands of students, many shouting “Death to the Dictator!” and burning pictures of Iran’s supreme leader, took to the streets on more than a dozen campuses in the biggest anti-government protests in months.

Also, I found a solution to your potential housing issues.

Day Fiftyfour: 6 December 2009

Today was a grood day. I finished my homework early, watch most of the 2nd and 3rd Lord of The Rings movies, ate nutella with pretzels, watched Elf, and worked out.

Since you can probably see the news in Thailand, instead of giving you it, here are some more stumbles:

I don’t know what this is, but I really like it. especially because a lot of the movies are ones I really like.

This is amazing, you need to watch the whole thing.

Some creative advertisements.

Day Fiftythree: 5 December 2009

Today was my mom’s birthday! Other than talking to her, I worked out, did all my homework and went to more Christmas parties. One had some really good cookies at it. Other than that, I watched a lot of college football, the details of which i won’t bore you with. My weekends don’t seem to be very exciting when I write them out, or maybe I’m too tired now to think of anything good.

This is something musical that I don’t fully understand, but you might like it.

Norman Rockwell is cool.